how to open a bottle of wine sans corkscrew.

By October 13, 2009 genius 6 Comments

step 1: find seam in bottle.
step 2: follow the seam quickly with a hard object (a fork in this case)
step 3: gently rock to safety.
step 4: imbibe.
demonstrated at the OFR editions afterparty by the talented mr. xavier deluxe.


  • Thom Graves says:

    This is nuts!

    Does running the hard object along the seam apply pressure then to the cork, which then dislodges it enough to be rocked out?

    Totally trying this next opportunity.

  • david says:

    when you follow the seam it chips a tiny bit off the end of the bottle, revealing a touch of cork. now, I’m not sure how this equals a perfect break but this was about the 5th bottle i watched him open without incident using a variety of cutlery. make sure to wrap a napkin around the neck to avoid bloody hands, and that the wine is cheap.

  • Chris says:

    This is, like, the Frenchest thing I have ever seen.


  • Angelino says:

    Is he teaching you to do this Dave , because I think it would be great to show me some pointers.

  • kc says:

    chris tried this for an hour tonight. fail.

  • admin says:

    ok. i saw xavier again and got the answer. when the fork hits the little edge (usually about an inch down the bottle) it cracks a ring around it. he knows when it breaks because you hear a ping!. see that it’s cracked and wiggle to safetly.